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Cloud Ginger 1.0

Cloud Ginger
Elegant Humanoid Service Robot XR1

Cloud intelligent service robot based on Smart Compliant Actuator(SCA)
Autonomous movement,Dexterous fingers, Smart and elegant, Serving the public

Cloud Ginger XR-1

Winner of the 2020 Red Star Design Award;
Equipped with 34 advanced intelligent flexible executors (SCA);
Precise visual grasping capabilities and Multimodal fusion abilties
of listening, speaking, seeing and moving;
Competent for reception, guidance, performance, business processing,
care, education, and other services for clients in many fields.

Advanced Smart Compliant Actuator( Smart Joint)
34 smart flexible joints at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, waist, knees, chassis
Singing and Dancing, Visual-guided grasping, Autonomous movement, Automatic obstacle avoidance,

Multilayer 3D perception
Multiple 2D/3D cameras, LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors, IMU, force sensors, microphone array, etc.
Three wheeled chassis base, universal wheels

Winner of the 2020 Red Star Design Award
Elegant humanoid robot(Attractive appearance, bright eyes, flexible waist, subtle fingers,
universal wheels)
Height: 158cm
Weight: 65kg

Multimodal AI empowered by Cloud brain
Attributed to real-time multimodal deep learning on cloud brain platform,
Cloud Ginger is empowered with:

* image/object/posture/face/emotion recognition
* visual-guided grasping/movement/pressing
*3D semantic map for grasping and movement, SLAM,
VSLAM, Autonomous navigation and Obstacle avoidance
* Natural language processing
* Rich vertical knowledge base and multiple rounds of dialogue
* Multi-Robot Collabration based on cloud brain scheduling platform

Precise grasping skills

* High-precision visual guidance
* Eye-hand coordination
* Flexible grasping and delivering

Intelligent Movement skills

* LiDAR, 2D/3D cameras, multi-sensor
* Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance

Closed-loop flexible control

* Joints equipped with smart compliant actuator
* Up to 34 degrees of freedom (DoF)
* Self-balancing and anti-collision

Visual skills

* Multilayer 2D/3D visual perception
* 2D graphics recognition(objects, goods, faces, license plates, etc.)
* 3D depth detection and environment detection

Conversational skills

* Voice recognition microphone array
* Natural language processing, multiple rounds of dialogue
* Multiple languages and accents
* Semantic comprehension of emotion
* Rich knowledge base

Application scenarios