Robots deployed in Shanghai shelter hospital, AI helps the front line to fight the "war against epidemic"
2022-04-22 16:23:04

It is understood that on March 29, the delivery staff of CloudMinds robot has brought smart equipment to support the construction of the makeshift hospital at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center and completed the equipment deployment within 24 hours. As of the afternoon of March 30, dozens of cloud service robots of various types, including Cloud Ginger Lite, a 5G indoor multi-functional cloud robot, and Cloud Ginger, a 5G cloud intelligent service robot, have been put into use. In the emergency shelter hospital, the Cloud Ginger robot will serve on-site as a humanoid service robot that welcomes guests, while the Cloud Ginger Lite will provide medical staff, regular staff, and patients with services such as consultation, food delivery and medicine delivery.


▲Fully provisioned robots are ready to be at service 

Under the raging epidemic caused by this round of Omicron mutants, with the rapid increase in the number of people who need to be isolated in various places, the necessity of building emergency shelter hospitals has greatly increased. It is reported that as of now, more than 30 emergency shelter hospitals have been built or are under construction across the country.

Due to the characteristics of reducing the probability of cross-infection and 24-hour online operation, robots have irreplaceable advantages in fighting the epidemic, especially in the transmission of the more powerful Omicron variant. It is precisely because of this those intelligent robots have the opportunity to show their talents in the operation of emergency shelter hospitals.


▲ CloudMinds engineer explains how robots are used to nurse staff

 It is understood that the CloudMinds robot covers multiple tasks such as consultation, food delivery, medicine delivery, patrol monitoring and disinfection. Intelligent delivery robots can replace medical staff in isolated wards and deliver goods, medicines, and food accurately. Relying on the technical advantages of the cloud-based intelligent architecture, CloudMinds' cleaning and disinfection robot can independently complete the work of disinfection, cleaning, and sterilization in the hospital. At the same time, the robot will also independently test the cleaning effect and actively feedback the generated report to realize unmanned operation. 

The application of intelligent robots in emergency shelter hospitals will not only greatly alleviate the shortage of medical staff, but more importantly, will greatly improve the operation efficiency of emergency shelter hospitals. Moreover, robots work in polluted areas and isolated areas without protective equipment, which can save protective clothing, masks, and other materials.

"This is the first batch of intelligent robots stationed in the emergency shelter hospital. In the future, a large number of intelligent robots will enter the emergency shelter hospital for 'employment work'." According to the relevant person in charge of CloudMinds, it will be successively deployed in the emergency shelter hospital. A variety of cloud-based intelligent service robot products can relieve the pressure of medical staff and improve the operation efficiency of emergency shelter hospitals.